Green Quality Services has a specialized team of waste management experts who undertake feasibility study for waste sorting plant, waste to energy plant, composting facility, landfill site assessment, waste characterization studies, waste stream analysis and hazardous materials inventory. Green Quality Servicesalso provides consultancy services for development of Medical Waste Management system, Waste Reduction Reports, Waste Management Plan, Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plan (CDWMP), Operational Waste Management Plan (OWMP) and Integrated Solid Waste Management reports.Green Quality Services is expertise in Waste Management projects, providing consultancy and technical engineering services including:

  • Solid Waste Management Master planning for greater areas
  • Waste stream analysis and waste characterization
  • Waste qualitative and quantitative determination
  • Design of collection and transportation schemes
  • Design of integrated Waste Management facilities, such as: Landfills
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Studies, including selection of site
  • Environmental Monitoring for all types of waste management facilities
  • Management of medical, hazardous and industrial waste
  • Waste audit , waste reduction plans and reporting
  • Feasibility study on hazardous waste management, waste sorting energy plants

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